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The Square Dance Council of New Jersey was founded in 1983 to preserve and promote the square dance activity throughout the State and surrounding areas. The Council was interested in all forms of the square dance activity. For a closer look at square dancing today visit you2candance.com/.

At a meeting on June 11, 2017 Council Officers and representatives of the four organizations currently belonging to the council met and agreed that the Council should be dissolved as of December 31, 2017. The reason being that with the decline in square dance and round dance participation, coordination of the activity within the state was no longer needed. It was decided that the assets of the council should be divided evenly between the four remaining member organizations of the council. Those organizations were: Callers Council of New Jersey, Central New Jersey Square Dance Association, Northern New Jersey Square Dancers Association, Federation of Delaware Valley Square and Round Dancers.

To find out where you can learn to square dance in New Jersey visit the Learn To Dance page at the CCNJ site. To learn about the NJ State Square Dance Outfit visit the NNJSDA web page about the Outfit.

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